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Preparedness, Mitigation, Sustainability and Autonomy As the world faces a “Convergence” of multiple crisis in disasters, food security, mass re-locations, environmental stress, climate change and energy shortages; One World Co-op - a sustainable solution. You can be a part of that solution.
One World Co-op members endeavor to learn and help others to un-learn helplessness. This page will be updated often as we continue to find helpful information and resources for sustainability. Below are suggestions and links for your preparedness and mitigation efforts.

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  • Renewable Energy Information and Instruction
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  • Coop Store for Sustainable Goods/Services
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  • Survival Skills Information
  • Disaster Tips and Information
  • Food Security Information
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  • Sustainable Shelter Information
  • Emerging Technology
  • Utility Coops
  • Micro-Grids
  • Financial Tips for Green Living
  • Member Bulletin Board
  • Farming and Gardening Resources

Survival Resources
Click image below for a library of Survival Information

Scroll to "Checklist Basic Go or Stay Suggestions.pdf" for a start on Preparedness/Mitigation
Nature does not Negotiate