One World Power Co-op

One World Power Co-op
A People Owned Private Utility
Environment, Peace, Sustainability, Disaster Mitigation

A People owned Private Utility Serving Members Only - You own it, You Profit. It's your Electric Co-op.
Join now with your Lifetime Membership Fee or fill out the form at the link below to be placed in the Pre-Registered Member List for more information and project announcements. Send No Money Now. We gather the Pre-Registered Membership and will keep you informed. One World Power Co-op initial phase - Up to 10MW.
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If you are interested in installing Solar PV for our Co-op, Please register.
We prioritize local companies and labor in all regions where we work.

One World Power Co-op
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Pre Registration is Important - There will be criteria on prioritizing installation projects, one of which will be the order of Membership. See FAQ Page for more info.

We hear all the time from people, "I'd love to have solar but I can't afford it." A complete Solar PV system can be quite a large investment and for many, an insurmountable threshold to cross. And, your local solar installer company is not likely to sell you one or a even a few PV modules.  These are obstacles for widespread adoption of renewable energy. It is essential for all of us to have an "Energy Safety Net." Decades earlier, even as children, if we wanted a bicycle, we saved our money a little at a time until we had enough to buy one. Consider one PV module at a time as a deposit in your piggybank for your complete system of the future. You may have no good future without it. We tend to be complacent and act tomorrow rather than today. This is a human characteristic that we need to overcome concerning our essential power requirements. When the grid fails us, it does and it will, or as energy costs continue to rise, if you have been building your system, you will be extremely grateful that you did. Solar is easy, and we are making it even easier now.

As our PV engineer and Director Mark Mitchell attests, "We create opportunities where none previously existed." Our families at One World Co-op have several small solar PV systems and as Nok McCune, one of our directors stated recently, "Solar is a treasure because it is so easy."

Albuquerque - 7.8KW, 30- 260W Canadian Solar Modules w/ NEP Inverters
with proud owner observing the highest quality PV system available today7.8 KW - 30 260W Canadian Solar PV

One World Power Co-op Membership includes Standard One World Co-op Membership and Benefits.


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